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  • About Us
    I wish we could take credit for this excellent video, but it’s by James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot of BlinkWorks. They, of course, are the creators of the feature documentary ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ which has won praise and awards everywhere it’s been seen. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!
  • Crowbar
    ‘Crowbar Benson’ is a comic strip that appears online and in a number of weekly Manitoba newspapers. Published five times a week, there are almost one thousand strips in the archives, which you can read online. You can also buy the print collection, ‘Hands of Cement’, available on the Crowbar Benson website, or at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg.
  • Graphics and Illustration
    We do all our own graphic work in-house, ranging from the slick-professional looking stuff through to straight up cartooning (I really like drawing cartoons, but who doesn’t?). From artwork for games, to illustrating children’s books, to simple web graphics, we’ve done it all (well, not all, but a lot).
  • Games
    Developing small games has been our bread and butter over the years. We started out creating Flash games for the web (which we still do), but we’ve branched out to games and apps for mobile devices, including IPad and Android tablets. We’ve even done some X-Box games!
  • Clients
    We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years, here’s a selection of a few of them. Some you’ll have heard of, some you haven’t, but we’ve learned something from them all.
  • Animation
    We’ve done hundreds of animations for dozens of clients, plus a few just for fun. ┬áCheck out our animation page!